Hair as Fabric

Hair as Fabric


Hair as fabric is a concept we’ve been talking about a lot this year.  So, when Pureology and American Salon asked me to participate in a shoot, we already had our inspiration!   We wanted to expand the concept to a much deeper level, using color and texture combined with shape to literally mirror fabric.  We didn’t want to focus on precise step by steps, but more of an artistic expression using elements of hairdressing to make hair fabric-like and the wardrobe was chosen based on that.


Hair is our medium as hairdressers, just like fabric is for designers.  It’s an element of style that can be changed everyday, just like your wardrobe – fine and silky to thick and textured.


One of my favorite looks from the shoot was the lace idea, it’s a multi-textured braided look that really captured the characteristics of lace, complete with see through and opaque areas created with smooth and textured sections of hair with a pink strand woven throughout for contrast and interest.  It’s always fun to add a little unexpected surprise.


Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.07.28 AM


For this look, we first dried hair with Pureology Pure Volume Instant Levitation Mist and a round brush and then secured it into a ponytail at the crown, leaving out a 2” section from the ponytail to create 5-strand braids with a piece of a pink weft as one of the strands.  We placed a hair form (donut) around the ponytail to give shape. We then pulled the edges of the braids away from the center, creating a flatter wider braid with fuzz for a lace-like look. Each braid was then pinned over the surface, covering the entire shape and set with Pureology Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Hairspray to lock in all the work.  Ha, in retrospect, this was the perfect look for editorial as it’s meant to be fuzzy, so we didn’t have to worry about minimizing frizz.  It's always great when things work out like that!


We had the model in a white lace top and red lace skirt with a vibrant blue background and her lacey blonde hair popped beautifully against the blue.  We also did looks that mimicked tweed, herringbone, satin, ruffles and tulle.  It was a lot to pull off in one day, massive volume for the tulle, waves for the ruffles, we even created a tweed headband!


The best part about this shoot is it pushed us all creatively – we had to come up with new ways of creating texture and shape that we can now refer to all season.  That’s why I love doing shoots so much, I learn something new every time – good or bad, it’s knowledge that I store away for future use!