How to Create a Faux Bob

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How to Create a Faux Bob
Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jenny McCarthy and Chelsea Handler are just some of the A-listers with sexy new bobs. It’s a fresh look for spring/summer, but some women just aren’t into the big chop. I do a faux bob using braids and lacing to take the length up and put a spring in any girl’s step. Keep in mind that a faux bob is a great look for a special event to switch things up for a day, it’s not going to be a look anyone wants to tackle on a daily basis. See the video:

Faux Bob
• Section the top area of the head and pin up.
• The bottom hair will be braided in 4 vertical sections with 3 strand braids - right over center, left over center, etc., adding to both sides as you go and securing an elastic about 4” from the bottom of each section. This flattens the area, creates a base for pinning and brings the length up.
• Tuck the braids up and secure with a pin, leaving the last 4” to hang.
• Lace ends to shorten and expand hair to spread it out.
• Drop the top portion of hair, lace it to shorten the length and gather and pin hair up so the ends are roughly the same length as the ends of the braids.
• Any shorter top layers or fringe (depending on length/type of original haircut) can be arranged to fall over the previous layers to blend.
• Finish with Pureology Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray for soft touchable hold.